Kyleu Bush Camp review

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Kyleu Bush
Camp is one of only a few campsites in Dinokeng where you can camp in an unfenced camp area.

Kyleu has 9 campsites; 5 bush stands and 4 river stands. The bush stands are far apart from each other with enough grass, bushes and trees in between for some privacy.

The campsites are carved out of the bush and vary in size. Stands have some trees but most are still small and others are on the perimeters of the stands so shade is limited.

Stands 1 and 2 are big enough of 2 offroad trailers or caravans and stand 2 has a large tree. Stand 3 is the least private and has no shade. Stand 4 is the smallest but the most private as it’s surrounded by bush. Site 5 is off to one side with two trees for shade.

Each stand has its own bathroom and scullery. These have potable water, a gas water heater, shower and flush toilet. Sites also have a bin and braai. A complementary bag of sekelbos wood is provided daily. The stands don’t have electricity. Additional wood as well as ice is available to purchase.

For the more adventurous and self-sufficient campers there are 4 river stands. These overlook the Kaallaagte stream. Don’t expect any water in the stream unless there’s been a downpour though. These sites don’t have any facilities so you will need to bring everything with and take your garbage out. The stands are larger than the bush sites and some distance away. The first 3 sites are next
to each other and site number 4 is further away but with no shade.

Regardless of the site you choose It is not a good idea to wander about at night, don’t forget; this is big-5 country. There have been lions in the camp before.


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